Original tape dispensers

Since yesterday we showed you a number of designer sticky tapes, today we decided to show you 2 very unique tape dispensers. Take for example this tape dispenser in the form of a cassette tape.

The tape dispenser was designed by j-me which is formed by brothers Jamie and Mark Antoniades. To have a look at the rest of their excellent products please visit their website here
We also wanted to show you the Tape Man designed by Ramón Middelkoop for Invotis Orange.

About Venerate

This blog is all about paper based products such as greeting cards, illustrations, note cards, paper art, paper toys, pop up cards, postcards, prints, wrapping paper as well as stationery items. I showcase the amazing work of designers from around the world to bring inspiration into your life.
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One Response to Original tape dispensers

  1. Yessica says:

    I love this idea.. I want one!

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