Unmentionables by Shineboxprint

If you’ve ever received poor customer service, or you find yourself next to people talking really loud on the phone, or just overall encountered annoying people, you will be able to relate to these great cards!
These cards are for anybody that is too nice to express how they really feel and they might also help you communicate a little better (and get your frustrations out of your system!). We would probably be happy to hand them out just for fun! These cards really made us laugh. If you want to find out more about Shineboxprint please visit their website here.

About Venerate

This blog is all about paper based products such as greeting cards, illustrations, note cards, paper art, paper toys, pop up cards, postcards, prints, wrapping paper as well as stationery items. I showcase the amazing work of designers from around the world to bring inspiration into your life.
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