We are all getting older everyday

We all feel from time to time the passing of time especially when we look at old photos (then it becomes very obvious!). There are definitely lots of physical changes as well as changes in attitude, responsibilities and many other things. Today we selected a range of cards that reflect the sentiment of getting old and how we sometimes try to make fun of it.
Left: Not Old (inside) Vintage     Right: Not Old (inside) Aged
Left: Not old (inside) Classic     Right: Not old (inside) Ripe
Left: Grey hair is beautiful & natural (inside) and, luckily, it can be dyed. Happy birthday
Right: We suspect your birthday cake (inside) is the cause of global warming
All these cards are designed by Amy Smyth Made It. If you would like to view the rest of the cards please visit their website here.
How do you feel about getting old? I’m sure we could come up with new ways of expressing that sentiment in new and interesting ways…

About Venerate

This blog is all about paper based products such as greeting cards, illustrations, note cards, paper art, paper toys, pop up cards, postcards, prints, wrapping paper as well as stationery items. I showcase the amazing work of designers from around the world to bring inspiration into your life.
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