Parking tickets

Hilarious stuff. Once in while we all get in the ‘police mode’ which is what we call when you feel the need to have a say on how people should park their cars. Anything less than a perfect park would provoke great anxiety. If you haven’t been a victim of this yourself we are sure you have been a witness of such behaviour – no doubt. These cards, we believe, will probably help re-enforce the ‘police mode’ behaviour in people but hopefully you will be able to see the fun in it!
Just as a pre-caution – don’t play jokes like that on anyone bigger than yourself – as some people get a little sensitive about their parking – hehehehe.
Please visit the Shineboxprint website for more information.

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This blog is all about paper based products such as greeting cards, illustrations, note cards, paper art, paper toys, pop up cards, postcards, prints, wrapping paper as well as stationery items. I showcase the amazing work of designers from around the world to bring inspiration into your life.
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