My kitchen magnets

Our fridge is covered in papers, notes, photos, brochures and who knows what else! And we are sure that this is probably the case for 99% of the population. If it wasn’t for a few spots on the fridge that still remain uncovered, you wouldn’t even know there is a fridge behind all the clutter. We think that perhaps adding a few cute fridge magnets like the ones we are showing you today might improve the look of it. None of the magnets we have now are as cute as the ones from See..So.
Just in case you wanted to know the kind of fridge magnets we have on our fridge, most of them are from political parties and local businesses that have found their way to our fridge from the letter box.
Please visit the See..So website for more information.

About Venerate

This blog is all about paper based products such as greeting cards, illustrations, note cards, paper art, paper toys, pop up cards, postcards, prints, wrapping paper as well as stationery items. I showcase the amazing work of designers from around the world to bring inspiration into your life.
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