Mother’s day Buzzfeed feature

I actually had no idea that one of my cards was featured on Buzzfeed a little while ago as part of a mother’s day post. The post is called ‘25 Awesome cards to make any mom happy’.

It’s really nice to be included amongst such cool mother’s day cards. It definitely made my day even though I’ve just found out about it!


Please click here if you want to see all the other mother’s day cards that were included in the post.

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I miss you


The empty and cold side of the bed is always a reminder that your special someone is not around…

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Baby news

As you might have noticed I’ve been missing in action for quite a few weeks. And guess what? I’m pregnant!

This is my first baby and the last few months have been quite challenging but now that I’m in my third trimester things are considerably better and I actually have some energy to do the things I enjoy – blogging and looking at pretty paper things.

It’s so good to feel alive again after a few tough months. I’m finally back and I’m so glad to be back online!

YOU HAD SEX : letterpress baby announcement

This funny card is by The Little Blue Chair.

The card reads: Everybody is going to know you guys have sex. Congratulations on the baby

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Plant smiles

We should all remember to do this more often: plant smiles and harvest love.
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Paper doll

As a child I loved playing with paper cut-outs from magazines and books. I think a proper paper doll such as this would have made my day! I would have felt like the luckiest girl on earth 🙂
Did you notice the cute little cat in her pocket? So sweet!
Please visit the Handmade Romance Flickr site for more information.
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Wedding flowers

If you are getting married you might want to consider doing something less traditional like having these beautiful paper flowers. What do you think?
Please visit the My Bohemian Summer Flickr page for more information.
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Funny sticky notes

I love these funny sticky notes. They are soooo much better than your traditional plain yellow ones. Great idea!
Almost-Useless-Without-Pen-sticky-note I-Am-Very-Important-sticky-note I-Stick-Like-Glue-sticky-note
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